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"Together we stand"

Don't allow the intimidation of the unknown to affect your great vision for the future. Remember, you are created for a purpose until it's fulfilled don't stop. -

Ka​yode Abegunde


I am Kayode Abegunde running for Delaware State Insurance Commissioner in 2024. I am a Democrat. Kayode is an advocate for cultural competence. As your 2024 Delaware State Insurance Commissioner Candidate, I will represent and advocate for all to ensure insurance premiums are reasonable.

I will enforce the policies aimed at regulating the insurance market.

*Public information resource see links below

Committee To Elect Kayode Abegunde for 2024 Delaware State Insurance Commissioner.

Who is Kayode Abegunde?

Ø A  Former Candidate, Delaware State Insurance Commissioner 2020

Ø A Democrat

Ø Past Behavioral and Mental Health Commissioner

Ø Member, Financial Advisory Council New Castle County Government

Ø Past Member, 17th Representative District Delaware Democratic Party 

Ø Past Vice President, Llangollen Estates Civic Association

Ø Past Audit Chair, Llangollen Estates Civic Association

Ø Past Member, Citizens Budget Committee Charter School of New Castle

Ø Alumni, FBI Delaware Citizens Academy Program

Ø An Accountant

Ø Director of Services & Operations

Ø Administrator

Ø Consultant & Entrepreneur

Ø Insurance Marketing Executive & Independent Insurance Associate

Ø Account Auditor

Ø Tax Advisor

Ø A Deacon

Ø A Husband

Ø A Father

Ø A leader

Ø A Volunteer

Ø Executive Member & Treasurer, 15th Representative District Delaware Democratic Party 

Ø Earned Bachelor’s degree in Accounting

Ø Earned Master’s degree in Finance

Ø Earned Master of Business Administration (Health Care Administration)

- Member,  American Society of Notaries

-Fellow, Institute of Information Management

Kayode Abegunde is your number ONE choice for Delaware State Insurance Commissioner. Kayode will enforce the policies aimed at regulating the insurance market on a (Win-Win) approach for both the insured and the insurer. Families deserve reduced Insurance premiums; Kayode will advocate, fight, and protect you. 

The reasons why I am running

1. Equity- Advocating for Delawareans to discourage redlining

2. Affordability- Able to work with the insurance companies to bring affordable premiums to the Delawareans

3. Accessibility- Bringing more insurance products to our people in Delaware and breaking the monopoly

4. Regulations- Using effective regulations to leverage the market to reduce insurance costs and premiums

5. Options- Providing more options to the veterans to assist their economic status

We are in a period where it requires a different approach and a different leader that will listen, advocate, and fight for all. I am running to bring people together cross-culturally.  I am a passionate, loyal, and trusted Insurance Commissioner candidate that will represent you all.


Our Vision:

1. Advocacy- Kayode will continue to advocate for the consumer’s protection

2. Regulation- I will collaborate with our legislators to work on bills that are aimed at regulating the insurance market on a (win-win) approach to both the consumers and the insurance companies

3. I will work with the insurance companies to enhance transparency and fairness in the assessment of premium billed to the consumers

4. I will encourage the use of technology and digitization to leverage the markets to reduce costs and ensure reliable insurance coverage at a reasonable rate for all Delaware Consumers

5. I will encourage the use of insurance terms that the community understands



Volunteer opportunities: Our Campaign team need more Volunteers to join team Kayode

Abegunde for Delaware State Insurance Commissioner.

You can contact us on 302-690-7703 or complete the contact form on 

the candidate website if you are interested 

Volunteer Opportunities Available:

• Making Phone Calls

• Texting

• Support Campaign Initiatives

• Field Support

• Social Media

• Canvassing

• Polling Station Agents

Together we stand!

Kayode Abegunde for Delaware State Insurance Commissioner 2024

Brief Academic Bio:

*Bachelor of Science, Degree in Accounting -Graduated from University of Ado Ekiti, Ekiti State Nigeria

*Master of Business Administration, Finance- Graduated from Wilmington University

*Master of Business Administration, Health Care Administration-Graduated from Wilmington University

*Doctor of Philosophy, Human Services and Public Leadership - Seven courses completed at Capella University, credit transferred to Wilmington University but currently deferred

*Fellowship Reader, Mandela Washington Fellowship

*Alumni, FBI Delaware Citizens Academy Program

*Work Experience:

-Principal Consultant, Entrepreneurial Consulting

-Project & Program Consultant, Abundant Life Community Development Corporation (Adult Day Services)

-Director of Services,  Keystone Human Services

- World Financial Group Insurance Agency- Independent Insurance Associate

-Past Lead Auditor, D & O Chartered Accountants representing Lagos State Board of Internal Revenue

- Past Senior Accountant, RCCG, GSP Nigeria.


-Past Member, Behavioral and Mental Health Commission (Commissioner) Representing Newcastle County, Delaware State Government.

-Financial Advisory Council Member, Newcastle County Government, DELAWARE

- Current Executive Member, & Treasurer,  15th Representative District Delaware Democratic Party

- Past Audit Chair, Llangollen Estate Civic Association, Newcastle Delaware


- Past Vice President, Llangollen Estate Civic Association, Newcastle, DELAWARE

Kayode Campaign Website:

Ready to regulate the Delaware Insurance Companies

Ready to track Delaware's insurance well-being

Ready to investigate insurance fraud & complaint

Customer service and fraud prevention

Consumers' protection.

Delaware Public Media 

University of Delaware Candidate Conversations - My Interview

What we do


Work for Communities

On day one in office Kayode is ready to advocate for DELAWAREANS


Ways of giving

Donate Here: Follow the link below.

You can also donate on CashApp please download the apps if you do not have it already. Donate by searching for my ID: $electkayodefor2020 or search with my phone number 3026907703 on CashApp once downloaded. You can also write a check to the committee to elect Kayode for the 2024 Insurance commissioner.


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Give us a call on 302-690-7703

      1 Innovation way Suite 302 Newark DE 19711

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